About Us


Our Story

We are Oichi; three sisters Khalila, Shifa and Thorayya Mears. After decades living apart in different countries, when fate conspired to bring us together again in Norfolk, we were inspired to collaborate and create our own female centred business. As a family of health and food enthusiasts, who were brought up with kombucha as a health tonic, we felt there was space to reinvent it as a flavourful adult drink. We were drawn to kombucha for its wonderful flavour profile as well as its spectacular health benefits. With time and dedication we have developed a truly exceptional drink for your enjoyment!

The name “Oichi” is a play on two Japanese words, delicious and tea. We chose the name before we realised its meaning. A wonderful coincidence and a sign that Oichi was meant to be.

Our Products

Created for flavour and crafted with passion. Oichi Kombucha is brewed in small batches using traditional techniques in the Norfolk countryside. We are dedicated to making authentic artisan kombucha infusions, made with seasonal, fresh and foraged ingredients. Our award winning drinks have complexity, depth and a unique flavour. Naturally alcohol free, low in sugar and supporting your gut microbiome.


Our Ingredients

We prioritise sourcing fresh and seasonal Ingredients, and love to collaborate with local farmers and growers. 

Foraging for fresh and wild ingredients is woven into the fabric of Oichi. We are passionate about seasonal hedgerow treasures like elderflower and rosehip, and find that using these ingredients captures the essence of ingredients in a way that simply out-shines mass produced farmed produce. Creating seasonal specials that are truly unique and reflect our region's beauty and taste.